Welcome to the Rocky Mountains, home of bandits and bounty hunters; trappers and tommyknockers; scouts, searchers and skinwalkers. Within these peaks live the stories of fabled golden cities, long-lost Confederate treasure, a dancehall girl who braved an epidemic, and shape-shifting spirits that haunt the desert, just to name a few. This site is dedicated to these stories.

Rocky Mountain Legends is a meeting place for the nostalgic, the adventurous, and anyone who has ever known the seduction of the West. Here you’ll find legends from the frontier – some of them old, others more recent and in-the-making – book and movie reviews, and original essays. You can also read excerpts from the historical novel, The Vendetta of Felipe Espinosanow available in hardcover and ebook.

This site is always changing, working like legends that evolve and get better over time. With that said, just as stories are interpreted by the listener, consider yourself, reader, an active creator of the site. That means link it, like it, and share it with others. Subscribe to it and post your comments.


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*NEWLY POSTED: The Sand Creek Massacre

**NEWLY PUBLISHED: God’s Country – A story of western-horror featured in the latest issue of Darker Times